Rehab Run…is done!

It has been quite a month in BarbraLand.

Rehab Run is done, and if my sources are correct, it’s gone to print today!

You’ll be able to get your hands on it at the end of November!  And it means that I have to get cracking (see what I did there?) on book 3.  I have no title set in stone for book 3, so it will be known as Book 3 for now.

I also started another work contract, which is fun.  (It is.  I actually love working — i.e., at non-writing related jobs.  I like to get out of head — or to be more accurate, get my head in something different.)

And I’m down with the flu right now.  I’m like a kid who goes to daycare for the first time — whenever I start at a new workplace I always get sick.  New germs, I guess.

More soon.