Cracked, as brought to you by babies and other mammals

It all started in winter of 2016, when my great-niece Abigail Leslie was having a gander at her parents’ copy of Cracked.   Abigail

I stole this picture from her parents, and posted it on my Author Facebook page (  I let it be known that I would love to see other babies holding Cracked.  Or animals, real or stuffed (as it were).  Or toasters.  Or actual grown humans.  And then the love started pouring in.Mark


animalsStormystrange cat

There are more.  Yes.  Many more.  I will be posting more over the next days and weeks, and listen: if you have any dogs, cats, birds, children or toasters you’d like to photograph with your copy of Cracked, I will publish each and every one (if you allow me to).

You know, writers toil away in solitude, sometimes going vaguely crazy when we’re working on our stuff.  We have various methods of counteracting this, depending on the writer.  Booze is one, but not my favourite.  Getting the hell out of the house and being amongst other humans is another (one I employ quite frequently).  Going and punching things is another good idea, but only if those things are in a gym or a boxing ring, and meant to be punched.

But for this girl, getting pictures of you and/or your pets and babies (or kids, or toasters*) is the best way to put a smile on my face.

Keep ’em coming.

  • I say toasters, but really, I haven’t received a single Cracked With Toaster shot.  Still, I live in hope.