Memories. And, Cracked Gets Around

Earlier today I left my apartment and stopped short at the elevator. For a minute, I was transported to childhood, back to the apartment my grandmother lived in when I was small.  I could see and smell it as clearly as I could then.  And I haven’t set foot in that place in 30 years […]

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Gandolfini et al: Random Thoughts on Mourning Dead Artists

A couple of days ago, I finally got a chance to see Green Room, writer/director Jeremy Saulnier’s fantastic follow-up to his cult favourite Blue Ruin.  I do love me a good thriller/smart horror film.  I missed it at Midnight Madness at TIFF a couple of years ago, and heard great things.   And I’ve always liked […]

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Four Months Until Rehab Run!

I know!  I’m not sure of the exact release date — somewhere between November 14-end of the month, methinks. In case you forgot what the cover looks like, here it is!  Now, go preorder it somewhere!  Or remind your friendly local bookseller to pre-order!  

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Keep It Simple, Stupid

Hey!  I was talking to myself.  No one reading this could possibly be stupid.  (And really, what an unfortunate word.  I mean, I occasionally use it to refer to myself, or even sometimes in the context of describing a ‘creative’ meal I’ve thrown together when the cupboards are bare and I don’t feel like hauling […]

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My beautiful great-niece Abigail

Cracked, as brought to you by babies and other mammals

It all started in winter of 2016, when my great-niece Abigail Leslie was having a gander at her parents’ copy of Cracked.   I stole this picture from her parents, and posted it on my Author Facebook page (  I let it be known that I would love to see other babies holding Cracked.  Or […]

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Cracked (328x499)


Soon to be a major motion picture starring Jennifer Lawrence! No, it’s not.  But I’m working on it.  And if anybody knows Jen, tell her to call me?  Thanks.

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